Disaster Response Framework

Emergency Preparedness & Response in Hawaii.

The following is an orientation to the “Whole of Community” approach to emergency preparedness and response.

The focus of this guide is on the role of volunteers, and how Hawaii VOAD can help, through our partnerships with governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. Prior planning and partnerships with groups involved in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery lead to better outcomes.

Emergency preparedness starts at the individual, family, and community level.

A community based organization might be able to provide some services, but once an emergency situation develops a lack of prior coordination with City and County officials will often lead to significant challenges. This may mean that volunteers are blocked from entry into the impacted area where services are needed.

Yet in a disaster, local and governmental resources are likely to be overwhelmed.

(It is important to understand how County, State, and Federal agencies fit together and work with non-governmental organizations. )