How to Volunteer

Volunteers are needed by our member organizations. (Click the icon for any organization in the list to visit their website.) You may also contact the Aloha United Way 211 informational hotline from within Hawaii by dialing 211, or call (877) 275-6569 from other locations. Visit the 211.org website for information on this hotline nationwide.

If you are already a staff member or volunteer with one of our member organizations, then you may want to consider joining one of the Hawaii State VOAD Working Groups or become active in general meetings, COADs, or run for office to join our leadership team at the County or State VOAD. If you are interested, please coordinate with the leadership in your member organization and then reach out to us by sending an email to [email protected]. Our leadership team will provide information about the procedures and points of contact.

If you are specifically interested in the August 2023 Maui Wildfire response and recovery effort, please contact the Maui County Volunteer coordinator:

EMail: [email protected]

Wendy Stebbins, Volunteer Center Coordinator, Maui County